Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'm playing a little bit of catch up right now cause I noticed I haven't posted since right after Clay arrived in Utah.  I had a wonderful time with my husband in town, we played a lot, did a  lot of shopping, a lot of eating out and well a lot of other stuff too that I wont mention in this blog!! The only thing I didn't like was how thrown off I was with my normal routine.  I didn't work out the entire time he was here, which I paid for dearly on my very first work out back! It felt like I hadn't worked out in months!  The other thing I struggled with was what I called the "divorced dad" complex Clay has.  He spoiled the kids terribly while he was here and when I would try to stop him he would only say "I'm only here for two weeks".  One example of this was one Saturday night, after a few hours of trying to get the boys to bed he announced he was taking them to McDonald's for a shamrock shake, it was 11:00 pm and we have 8:00 am church.  Needless to say getting the boys up for church was not fun and then Clay again says to me "why don't you just let them sleep in this once!" I explained if I do this once they will expect it from now on.  We did eventually get them up but they were 30 minutes late to church!
Now Clay is back in Australia and I'm hating my life! I'm trying to be strong cause I know there are worse trials out there and I wouldn't trade this one for some of the ones my friends are going through right now, but it still sucks and I just want my husband back!
On a lighter note, it's 6:00 am right now and the reason I'm up is because Brittany's friends just came over and kidnapped her for her birthday. No, it isn't Brittany's birthday today, it's next week but we are going to California next week for spring break, so they did it early.   When her friend called me yesterday to plan this she asked that I not turn any lights on cause they wanted to pretend like this was a real kidnapping.  I have to admit, when I was watching them wrap her up in duck tape, it was pretty freaky! There were four of them and they all dressed in black and had masks on their faces.  They put duck tape on her hands and feet and then put a mask on her face so she couldn't see what was going on. Of course the mother in me wanted to preserve this memory, so as they were walking out the door I whispered to one of the girls to stop so I could take a picture.  It was all I could do to not laugh, but I didn't want to ruin it for them so I held it in!
 This was the best picture I could get! I couldn't turn on the lights because they wanted to keep it like a real kidnapping.  Brittany is the one on the ground with the orange ski mask on her head, Jesse (Brittany's boyfriend) is on the left and I'm so mad he took off his mask for the picture! Then the other girls were Addie, Nicki and I don't know who the last girl is! So after this picture they carried her out like a stuffed pig because her limbs were all taped together. I was nervous a neighbor would see them and actually call the police because they thought it was a real kidnapping. 

I'm going to be all over the map during this post. So I apologize! Back to when Clay was here.  Clay moved out of the house we lived in after we left Australia cause the house  was just too big for him. Plus he didn't need all that land to try to maintain on his own! So he says to me that  he wants to show me his new house key and I'm thinking "what's the bid deal about a house key", then he whips out this baby...
 Yes, Clay has moved back to the 1800's!
 I couldn't' believe that this was actually someone's house key! I wish you could see the size of this key compared to other regular keys! It's so long! I ask him if his door creeks open when he opens it, like a old haunted house! That's what I expect with a key like this!

So I said earlier how we did a lot of shopping while Clay was here, well that was not an exaggeration! I think we hit three no four, wait it was five different malls in the two weeks he was here! One of them was the new City Creek mall, which is awesome by the way! If you haven't been downtown to this new mall, get there soon. We went opening weekend so it was crazy crowded!  Luke said he felt like we were at Disneyland! But, they had all sorts of different kids of entertainment every where you turned.  From boy bands, to magic acts to these women dressed as flower pots!
 Luke was fascinated by these so I had to get a shot of him with one! The funny thing was later on we went across the street to eat at the Garden room in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and on or way back to the mall one of these statues was crossing the street with us. I guess she was just getting one duty, but Luke thought it was so fun to watch her hold up her pot and walk around! 

So I explained earlier that my whole routine was messed up while Clay was here and that included my volunteer time too!  I work in both Cody's and Luke's classes once a week, but missed it the first week Clay was here. So the next week I told Clay that he should just come with me that way he gets to spend time with Cody and he can see what Cody does in his classroom.  Cody's teacher Mrs Vent was so excited that Clay came cause she never gets a father to come and help out in her class room.  This week she needed us to help her glue the stuff the kids have been making during their "dark ages" lessons.  So Clay and I spent the next hour hot gluing all this stuff up outside Cody's room. Can I tell you how happy I was to have Clay there helping me do this! It would of taken me hours with out his help! 

Cody's is the one with the checker board print on his shield.  
All the kids had to pick a saying to put on the front of their display. All the other kids put saying that had to do with the period and Cody choose, "Champion's are not born they are made".  A sports theme, of course! You can't see it very clearly in the picture but one of the things on his shield is a football! I love this kid!


Libby said...

I'm sad that Clay had to go back to Australia to his creepy haunted house. I wish he could have stayed with you. :)

Great catch up post though.

Melinda said...

How fun to have Clay come with you to the schools.
I am so glad you were able to have such a great visit with clay. I wish it could have been longer for you.

That key is so crazy!

Rachelle said...

Love reading all your updates.